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From a recent medpage. Can listen or read…

I’ve followed Paul Offit and his fight against anti vaxx mythinformation and other anti science nitwittery for close to a couple of decades now.

Interesting to see this guy Faust interviewing him as I recall him spouting a few myths along with others in the twitterati in the early days of the pandemic.


Back in the early days of the pandemic, I was stunned by the # of people who were willing to disregard the medical and science community advice. I have a friend from high school who is a doctor, and I remember an exchange between him and a guy on FB. The Doctor was for masking and the vax, and the guy was vehemently opposed to both, and was quite belligerent in stating his opinion. Turned out that he was a janitor, no medical background at all, he wasn’t even a janitor in a hospital, lol. But he was an expert in his own mind because he had done his “research” on google searches. And he was telling the Doctor all of the “reasons” he was wrong. Scary how the internet makes a lot of people “experts”, at least in their own minds.

We are going to be hurting as a country when the next pandemic occurs.


There were two or three county sheriffs up your way who publicly announced they would not enforce any of the covid precautions. They are part of the Fox Noise target audience, the audience that Fox Noise has groomed for years, by telling them what they want to hear, not facts. So now, it seems, they only believe what they want to believe. As a former Presidential press secretary said, they use “alternate facts”.


“There were two or three county sheriffs up your way who publicly announced they would not enforce any of the covid precautions.”

I remember that well, they deemed themselves " Constitutional Sheriffs". In their minds, they get to decide what laws should be enforced, and what laws should not be enforced. No possible conflicts there, lol, those all-knowing and all-powerful sheriffs probably had years and years of medical training in how viruses get transmitted. Probably the same training TFG got, so the sheriffs probably just carried some bleach to drink and a powerful light they could shine inside of anybody they pulled over. /sarcasm


Ah, you must not have spent much time on the old Health and Nutrition board in the early-mid aughts. Back then I had discovered a re-emergence of the anti vaccine movement back in the UK following The Wakefield debacle…having experienced a similar result of scare mongering re the pertussis vaccine in the UK in the 1970s and early 80s. The degree of ignorance around and resistance to the MMR on that forum led me to predict outbreaks of almost unheard of childhood diseases like measles, rubella etc. People laughed.

Full disclosure, I never imagined that such tomfoolery would be so deep seated as to persist with the emergence of a pandemic.


It gets worse. RFK is still running for president on an anti-vaccine platform. Aaron Rodgers is his likely VP pic who is not only anti-vaccine but believes Sandy Hook was a fake.

As a country, we have become incredibly dumb.


Send them to Haiti to “take back the country”. Then watch them REFUSE. What? They are afraid of CROOKS? LOL !!!

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Gee, just like “sanctuary cities” that ignore Federal immigration law?


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The most salient part of your post. I began to realize just how truly dumb so much of the citizenry was back, oh, seven or eight years ago.



Dummies have been around for far longer. It’s true that the number keeps growing. The mass of dummies isn’t the problem. Stupidity was weaponized 7-8 years ago and the war against intellectualism continues today.


It’s called natural selection.