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Title of post on Pandemic Board: “QAnon/COVIDiot Gramps Almost Kills Granddaughter”


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This will clean the remaining anti-vaxxing COVIDiots out of my Twitter “following” for sure:

I’m dedicating this thread to Dr. Weir on Twitter who I just began to follow this morning for being such a brave soul. You’ll see his tweet embedded in this thread.

Feel free to steal any meme I used. I am a meme thief black belt.

The story I tell in this thread is about the mix of mis-informed social media “Doctors” who (like Aaron Rodgers, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, etc.) have “done their own research.” Except here, we have a grandpa who hangs out in a QAnon Conspiracy/Covidiot room on telegram and who almost kills his 6-month old grand-daughter.

The more I got into this story from Vice, the more I shook my head all the harder.

My first tweet in this thread starts like this:

1) #COVID #QANONcult

Where we are as a nation: A misinformed Grandpa takes his sick granddaughter’s symptoms to a QAnon room on Telegram and asks COVIDiots who believe the pandemic is a hoax what to do to bring the child back to good health:

Direct link to my thread (with an honorable mention to Pucks Fool in my p.s.)