Active paradigm shifts

This century is seeing two powerful paradigm shifts, Renewable Energy and Machine Learning AI. The NPI board is the perfect place to discuss them. I think we should use the opportunity to revitalize this time honored board. There are a lot of companies and technologies we can discuss:

Tesla, Rivian, Aptera, Lucid, and even the ICE incumbents Ford, GM, VW, Toyota, Volvo/Polestar, and many more.

Solar & Storage
Enphase, Tesla, SolarEdge, SunPower, Transphorm


Battery recycling

Tesla, Mobileye, Waymo, Nvidia

Let’s give it a try!

The Captain


Should we start a separate thread for those 5 categories? If it was all in this thread I can see that becoming too cluttered to be of value.

Good question! Are there more categories? There can be threads by ticker symbol, by technology, whatever. I think we can trust people to start new threads when they feel it’s a new topic or ‘tag.’

I’m starting one about commercial EVs.

The Captain


I will open.

Enphase uses a technology that is less efficient than some. But it is more flexible. This flexibility allows for AI created and operated market based micro grids. Add in crypto currencies for sub milli second trades and you have the electrical grid of the future.

As an analog, when I started in telecom we used very efficient protocol with very low overhead to pass data. Ethernet and Internet protocols are very inefficient with a lot of overhead. Efficiency did not win, flexibility did. I think an Enphase type solution will win.

Please poke holes in my thesis.



Makes sense!

The Captain

Good idea, Captain. Renewable Energy has its own category. So does Tesla.