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Watched the Nasdaq as it sunk a bit again but still (so far) hasn’t breached its low of about 13,350 or so. So…decided to add a bit to all positions except ZI which I sold for more cash. Have one tranche of cash left and will employ that depending on what next Tuesday give us.

For now the Portfolio looks a lot like this:


  1. DDOG

  2. UPST

  3. MNDY

  4. ZS

  5. NET

B) The Bench

  1. MELI - First off the Bench

  2. S

C) Scout Team

  1. CFLT

The ever growing problem the roster has is that since I have been employing the RTHG strategy the allocation percentages - especially for the STARTERS is getting out of hand. If we get a rally next week then will sell multiple trading blocks and look to see if the market settles down some so I can add Bench and Scout Team positions. Lots of really nice targets out there.

Note: It would be really nice and thoughtful of you to drop a few cans of food off at a local Food Bank. Hungry families would really appreciate it.

All the Best,


I added 2,3, and 7.
Also a bit of DOCN and PTLO, to go with my GLBE.

I still think a greater capitulation is more likely than not, but March is my crappy crystal ball bullseye for a low for the year. So as we get closer, I want to wade into the cool waters and get acclimated.

About 15% invested now, after having been all cash.

I think we could see the post-ER/CC buzz fade a bit, and I hope to catch DDOG/NET lower still. Like ZS and SNOW as companies, but too pricey for me yet.

Enjoy the weekend!


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