Busy Morning - 4/14/22

Lots of stuff going on this morning:

  1. Added back the Trading Block I sold yesterday in DDOG - think they are good for the note.

  2. Added back the Trading Block I sold yesterday in ZS.

  3. Demoted S to the Bench.

  4. Promoted SNOW to the STARTERS with outsized Trading Block

  5. Added MELI to the Bench with a Short Term Contract.

  6. Sold SE and GTLB

  7. Added INMD to the Scout Team

  8. Added large Trading Block to U.

Portfolio Roster now looks like this:


  1. DDOG

  2. ZS

  3. MNDY

  4. BILL

  5. SNOW

B) The Bench

  1. S

  2. UPST

  3. U

  4. MELI

C) Scout Team

10 MQ



All the Best,


Hi Champico,

Thanks for posting your thoughts and sharing your knowledge. I see you have 3 categories, Starters, Bench and Scout. Is that to indicate the level of confidence? and what percentage do you allocate between these 3 categories.

Thanks a lot,

Hi Charlie:

Take anything you see here with a grain of salt.

STARTERS are the highest confidence companies in the portfolio. I try to keep the STARTERS collectively allocated somewhere around 65-70% of the roster. It constantly varies though especially as I add or sell Trading Blocks.

The Bench is my second level of companies - with a collective allocation between 20-25%. These are usually companies that have been STARTERS in the past - or those companies that could easily transcend to STARTER level. In some cases they could be sort of like NBA Lottery Picks

Scout Team is comprised of those companies I like but have not decided whether to keep them or not. Collectively targeted for up to 10% allocation. Think of these companies as big on potential.

All the Best,


Thanks a lot Champico! Thats very helpful. Appreciate you posting your thoughts and the words of encouragement to bear it out in this brutal market.