AI Graphic Design

In recent years, arts and graphic design majors have seen their salaries improve as corporations decided to step up their game in media content.

Now it looks like AI is going to put a lot of them out of work.

Microsoft’s Open AI initiative has an image creation engine called DALL.E. You enter the caption for the picture you want, and the AI does the rest. For example:

Bear confused by calculus…

The editors of Cosmopolitan Magazine recently used DALL.E to create their monthly magazine cover. It took less time and delivered superior content versus their in-house graphics department.…




There has been an AI update on the Nvidia graphics drivers. I need this for speed and better ray tracing. I have a project in front of me of my own creating that needs the results.

Your post on the price of cards coming down in price is very good news.

Your ideas on AI are to tied into the ready mades as if. I see tons of the type in words to get images etc…it is not that they can not do that jobs. It is that the results are not worth selling. The marketing of art to the public takes an experienced creative artist with ideas on commercial values. The AI and the techies do not understand commercial values in art.

If you are talking about throwing incredible chit at a wall…there are close to a million artists doing that daily. Having the AI crowd join them is all the same…worthless.

Again stripping away any ego techies AI etc whatever do not sell art. Some experienced artists are constantly selling. A machine can not change just adding dung to the dung heap.