AI steals woman's identity for nefarious commercial purpose

{{ Christian social media influencer Michel Janse records a video in her home office in Oceanside, Calif., this month. AI was used to create a video with Janse’s likeness for an erectile dysfunction advertisement. }}



“If audio, video, or images exist publicly — even if just for a handful of seconds — it can be easily cloned, altered, or outright fabricated to make it appear as if something entirely unique happened,” Colman wrote by text.

The videos are difficult to search for and can spread quickly — meaning victims are often unaware their likenesses are being used.

By the time Olga Loiek, a 2o-year-old student at the University of Pennsylvania, discovered she had been cloned for an AI video, nearly 5,000 videos had spread across Chinese social media sites. For some of the videos, scammers used an AI-cloning tool from the company HeyGen, according to a recording of direct messages shared by Loiek with The Washington Post.

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Somebody Cloned Me in China… (

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