Work on your poker face

All kinds of business, bosses, governmentd etc will use EAI to “sell” you.



Companies are using emotion AI to surveil people at work. But some scientists say detecting emotions with AI is impossible.

The key lesson here… For such a transformative technology, there will likely be MANY things Artificial Intelligence will be unable to do well. That won’t stop hucksters from selling it as being able to do far more and it won’t stop companies from getting suckered in to trying it then forcing it to be used to justify their sunk cost.

New captives of Corporate America could be entering a world where they never meet their boss face to face and get laid off because “sentiment analysis” of facial scans of their appearances on WebEx or Zoom meetings dropped below some psuedoscientifically chosen threshold and the company needed to lower headcount ratios to sales to meet a yearly performance bonus for the CEO. And these employees are going to be notified by a text on their cell phone telling them they’ve been laid off, locked out of the VPN and need to FedEx their laptop back to HQ within 5 days or the cost of the laptop will be docked from their last paycheck.



Body language is not something new that only AI can do.

The Captain

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