Airport food/beverage tips?

Airport food and drinks are usually a lot more expensive than the same items outside the airport e.g. two weeks ago, I paid $11 for a 12-oz can of soda and a breakfast pastry (SFO).
Obviously, liquids present a problem with TSA screening. But, I notice that some airports offer free/minimal cost water refill options. So I guess

  1. Make sure I have an empty, refillable container

But how about food? Do folks usually pre-pack snacks and/or food for air travel?

DFW - A 7-11 at the airport! Could actually get meal and drink for about $6 :slight_smile:


We always bring along snacks and an empty water bottle when we fly.
Fill up the water bottle after you get though screening (always find lots of fill stations)
and the snacks keeps the family happy (no hangry spouse :wink: )


In my case, other than the last three months, I had not flown domestic or international in over 4 years.
Yes, I do think my travel lenses are/were slightly tainted in flying out of SFO. I stopped in Denver, and one did have more reasonable food prices and options there. As noted earlier, DFW did have the 7-11 location, one that is more focused on food, drink and travel related items. That resulted in many more full meal choices under $10. DFW also had a bunch of fast food choices at Terminal B