Eating safely in a plane/airport

The last time I was on a plane was late December 2019. Unless COVID-19 miraculously disappears, I cannot safely fly again until I address the matter of how to safely eat, because it’s impossible to do this with a mask on.

It seems that the way to go is to use a combination of an air purifier on my lap and a small pod/tent to create a bubble of clean air to breathe while I’m eating. Have any of you done this? I’ve seen photos of people using a small pod/tent in airports or on planes, though they’re from earlier in the pandemic.

On short flights I do not eat and I drink only from my bottle. On long flights I bring a few bags from a variety of the dried powders available to add to a bottle and then shake it up and “feast” on it. I tend to want a big meal when trip is over and I am in safer surroundings.

david fb

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I’ve got relatives in New York that fly to Dublin, Ireland 2 or 3 times a year. They apparently carbo load before the flight, refuse to eat anything, and drink liquids through a straw while wearing a mask. I assume that if you really needed “to eat”. You could drink a protein shake through a straw.



We are headed to Dublin on Thursday. I guess I will time my intermittent fasting regimen around the flight with my usual bag of nuts in reserve if needed.

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Take along a good chicken broth that you can eat through a straw.

The Captain

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Food and drink is medical in nature. TSA allows your medicine to go through with minimal testing. Take care to use the latin names for the food, it throws the drones off the trail.

This includes clear water in a clear container with no indication of dissolved ingredient.

Also, alcohol wipes are an excellent sanitizer.

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TSA allows regular food, sandwiches and the like. I do it all the time. But water is subject to the 100 ml rule. TSA will make you dump it out.

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They will not, if you declare it as medicine. We do it all the time. My wife has a number of supplements which result in perfectly clear water.

Declare it as medicine. They will run a test, find that there is no bad juju in there and move on.

You must challenge them on it.