Hate. FOMO. So. Much.

Looks like I sold a day too early.
Let’s see how the day finishes.

As usual, the btfd crowd just thinks it is the absolute bottom (duh) yesterday already.

Makes total sense that everything should be up 10%+.
Not like inflation has gotten worse or valuations were still inflated…



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15 minutes ago I shorted BILL, GLBE, MNDY, UPST and SNOW.

that is a ballsy move, but godspeed.

I am not going to sweat this. Part of that is I am flat YTD, so not winning or losing…just watching.

Nothing about what happened today makes sense, so feels like a bear rally, imo. Will see.
Enjoy the gains if you got them. Especially if you were in all the Chinese ADRs for some strange reason. Why trust China stocks now?

It all feels like gambling.

Out of all this, CRWD is flat/down. Seems an outlier…not sure why.


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I think that the latest by the end of the week the market has to give back some of these gains.
And I don´t think that all these stocks can go up 10% every day.

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Here is what I have available for trades:

Port %   Stock   Buy Date   % gain

1.24      AFRM    3/15       16.61
1.23      VERI    3/15       13.76
3.96      UPST    3/14       20.33 

But, I had another TFIPomo*, probable cause: fiber optic cable break. Sometime during night. Not fixed until after the after hours session closed. I have a 1% gain there potentially.

What to do?


  • Technical Failure Induced POMO
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I did almost nothing. Sold only less than 3% of my UPST position. So far, the right move.

Gee, 20 straight days of days like this and my port will be healthy. Not ATH healthy, but “oh so happy” healthy. Hey, its a board for dreamers, right?



How are those short positions doing - are you still holding?