Alexa seems to be getting more hard of hearing

Me: “Alexa, play” (which usually works to resume after my having said “Alexa, mute”)
Alexa: “Sorry, I was unable to find a device named ‘light’”



Me: “Alexa, play MSNBC”" (which is a channel on TuneIn)
Alexa: “Sorry, I don’t know that.”
Me: “Alexa, play MSN”
Alexa: “Ok, here’s a channel named MSNBC”


I know. Now, AMZN is planning to integrate Alexa in Astro and Astro is suppose to follow you around and be part of your conversation etc. But it is terrible hearing, even when you prompt Astro join the conversation and ask it specific questions… The only solace is “technology in general gets better over time”.

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