HomeKit Issues?

There are rumors of a new HomePod, maybe a full size, may be tempting…

I’m trying to stabilize my current HomeKit setup with the Logitech Circle View doorbell/camera, maybe additional camera(s) once I sort this out. I’m using the AppleTV 4K as the Hub for now, but I’m not convinced it’s always catching activities all the time. We went away for a few days, didn’t have any notifications, but when back home and looking at the settings, discovered the options are either for when I’m home or away, not always whether home or away… And why would they do it that way? Whose issue? Logitech or Apple? Another world to look into…

BTW, AAPL was Up nicely: 162.51 +5.16 (+3.28%)at the close.


BTW, AAPL was Up nicely: 162.51 +5.16 (+3.28%) at the close

In this economic? Remarkable indeed. Long live Apple! And may Tim Cook live long and prosper as the CEO! I had heard rumors of his mulling retirement, but hopefully that’s still a long ways off.

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Hopefully Tim has a long busy future solving today’s issues, bringing vital chip plants back ashore, scattering them in areas more welcoming, northern, in other words, maybe deep in underground venues with state temperature, humidity levels as I see some printing, other industries are doing… There are options…

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