Arcam splits and receives new orders

For those following Arcam, their price was $145 + and they did a 4-for-1 split on Monday. In the two days since then the price has gone form $36.45 to $43.54, last I looked. That’s up 19.5% in two days.

They also had two press releases today. One was an order from a large Chinese implant manufacturer, and the other from a “major aerospace industry client in the US”.

Sounds good


PS I realized that I should mention for those who are not familiar with the company. This is a very successful Swedish 3D printing company and the only 3D printing company successfully selling machines that work with metal. They have a patented EBM (electron beam melting) system that has a lot of advantages. Their major verticals are medical implants and aerospace parts. The European Union has sponsored studies to help them to get faster and finer detail. The only 3D company I’m still in.