AMPS got my attention. But the call option premiums aren’t showing much confidence. Just wondering if any of you fine folks who might be from the Constitution State have any insight?

I sold VZ off a while ago. Berkshire Hathaway dumped all of their shares of VZ a few days ago. It could have been for any reason under the sun, not necessarily for the last quarterly report.

What do trumpet players have in common with pirates? Both have murdered people on the high C’s.

Hope to be in Reno for poker tournament on Sunday and Monday (hopefully still in it on Tuesday) I’ll buy you a beer if anyone is around.

Very sucky chart. PASS!…

Thanks for the info on fall river mills/mcarthur, your info did come in plenty of time.

I got a decent fill for the Feb $10 calls, so I have a buy/write position. See how it turns out.


I’m not an options guy. So bear with me as I do some thinking aloud. AMPS is the sort of “new tech” --but currently unprofitable-- company TMF pushes toward its subscribers. So my first question would be this. Why would you write a $10 call on it? Ans: Because basic due diligence says it’s a POS company. But rather than sell it short, you chose to write a call, because you know you won’t be called, and you’ll be able to keep the prem.

So, my next question is this. How realistic is your expectation?

Current PE is 20x vs a fair value PE of 10x. So that’s one red flag. Others are a high debt to equity ratio and poor coverage of interest. (Not good in a rising, interest-rate environment.) But the real, three-bells alarm is a forecasted, negative, earning-growth rate of (-50.8%).



As a Swing Trader, could trade both and make money whether the stock is going up or going down.

As a HODLer, (hanging on for dear life) your going to lose money, as a Swing Trader you will make money the olde fashion way. 86 percent profit thank you in the last trade. company wouldn’t hire me back in 2007, so I bought the company stock, earning 23.11 percent in the last trade. Well into the 7 figures since then. The power of the compound werks well. No(zero) losses are other than a few minor speedbumps. Kruz backwards a few years at your leisure. And MCHP laid me off back on May 1st 2007 at high noon.

Quillnpenn -

Not sure where you got your numbers and guidance, but I got a whole different take from AMPS’s August reporting. We’ll see how they look in November.

The calls I sold are covered, not naked. I fully expect to have the shares called away at $10 in February, if not before. And I’ll be happily buying Hendricks, not Seagrams or some other crap.

However, if share price closes at $9.99 in February, that would be fine by me also.

I’ll be staying at PDX this week-end…on your side of the river. I’ll even buy you a beer if you want to touch bases in the late evening…or a 6 AM coffee if you want to get up that early. (I’ll be reffing games all day during the daylight hours.) I’ll also have just a little free time Sunday afternoon around 3:30.

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WHY don’t they go back to the OLDE way of doing business? I don’t have the luxury most people have. It is slowing me down.

re: AMPS Commodity, stock and forex; quotes, charts & analysis | GREEN dots are a BUY while the RED dots are a SELL signal.

It is now deep into November and AMPS is still sinking and as a guess sinking to around $4.00. While VZ was the other chef’s choice and there was a buy signal on 10/24/22 with the possibility of earning me 3,000.00 and change waiting for the next SELL signal.

Charts don’t lie, people do. Have to be careful of bum information being posted. The charts are telling a story of what our peers are doing with their hard-earned money.

I don’t trade the Zero-sum game of Options. To complicated.

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