Amazon has been upgraded several times over the last couple weeks, partly from upside growth in their advertising business. I know they have had advertising for awhile, but I think this is a new programmatic advertising system.

I think this is a “walled” programmatic advertising system, so TTD won’t have access and is direct competition to TTD, so this could potentially be very problematic for TTD.

Does this mean we are headed to a 3 headed monster in online advertising, with AMZN, FB, and GOOG? And TTD still trying to work with everyone else?




Jimbo, I perked up on reading your post and did a bit more digging and landed at this page that talks about Amazon’s programmatic offering.

Looking at the video, I am not sure Amazon is just another walled garden, or if it off also going after the low end of programmatic with its ultra cheap 1c CPM pricing (Compare to 20% of spend for TTD). The latter is not really clear to me.

What also worries me is the huge increase in short interest in the last 3 or so months, without an explicit attack like Citron does.

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