Another 5nm cpu from AMD - xeon killer

AMD’s Custom EPYC 9V84 Genoa CPU Leaked: 96 Zen 4 Cores, 2.4 GHz Clocks, Over 110K Points In Cinebench R23 (

Coming to the specifications, the EPYC 9V84 CPU seems to be a custom design by AMD for one of their many customers. Previously, Microsoft’s Azure cloud services have featured EPYC CPUs with the "V’ identifier though they aren’t the only ones to do so. The CPU packs 96 Zen 4 cores based on the TSMC 5nm process node. There are 192 threads, 384 MB of L3, and 96 MB of L2 cache which is what we would also find on the EPYC 9654 CPU, the current flagship.

The same source leaked the first Genoa EPYC 9684X CPU info…doc