AMD EPYC Genoa spotted…

This specific AMD EPYC Genoa chip is fabricated on the 5nm process node and will rock a total of 32 Zen 4 cores and 64 threads. In terms of clock speeds, the CPU is reported to feature a base clock of 1.20 GHz while the all-core boost is rated at 4.60 GHz.

Wonder if this is a sample…doc

Wonder if this is a sample…doc

The article says that it is an engineering sample (EC or ES). I’ll wait before I believe much about this test, but it looks like running 1 thread per CPU core to get clock numbers independent of memory bandwidth. Why? ES chips are used for various tests. Someday, probably next month, AMD will have a motherboard in-house that can support eight memory channels, possibly with 2 DDR5-5600 DIMMs per channel. (And you have enough memory to go around for all the engineers who need it.) But before you have that, it is worth configuring a system to get a good read on clock speeds with one thread per channel.

BTW, I often run things at one thread per channel. What I actually do is run in the background on the eight odd-numbered threads, and allow the foreground software to access the other eight threads. I wouldn’t recommend doing this if you don’t know what you are doing, but if the background task is limited by main memory access, you still get performance near what you would with a dedicated server. (And I was explaining to my son last night why I had decided to upgrade to an R9 5900X. With the 64 MB of L3, I will be able to keep all 12 cores busy. The R9 5800X3D I might be able to run 12 threads, but this way if I can clean up the cache usage, I will be able to run 24 threads. :wink:

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