Bergamo benchmarks look staggering

With the Graph500 HPC benchmark for representing complex data problems, the EPYC 9754 performance was astounding and scaled very well up from the 96 cores found with the EPYC 9654 and 9684X processors. The current Intel Xeon Scalable Sapphire Rapids processors don’t even come close while it will be interesting to see next year with Sierra Forest.

With this HPC benchmark not only was the EPYC 9754 2P leading in raw performance but also led in performance per Watt with its Zen 4C cores. The EPYC 9754 2P configuration for Graph500 saw a 630 Watt average and peak of 676 Watts for the EPYC 9754 2P processors while the EPYC 9654 2P processors were consuming more power at a combined 678 Watts and a 764 Watt peak. When comparing the power determinism 400 Watt results, the EPYC 9754 2P average was 679 Watts to the EPYC 9654 2P at 730 Watts. There was a clear power-savings with Zen 4C / Bergamo.