Any AI-related stocks to recommend?

Hi Guys, I just joined this community and hope to learn from the best here. I would like to invest in AI-related stocks and seeking some opinions on which stocks to go for, except NVDA. Thanks in advance.

Years ago there was a post by a very shrewd Fool who asked, “Who will benefit the most from technology, providers or users?” The reply favored users. Who will benefit the most from AI, providers or users?

One thing is certain, AI needs incredible amounts of data which means storage and processing power, chips and servers. Tesla is in a unique position, it’s accumulating mountains of data from its EVs on the road and it is developing the Dojo supercomputer to process it. It is also using its AI to train the Optimist humanoid robot it is developing which means that Tesla is both provider and user.

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Thanks Captain. I own TSLA.

Then you already own AI! :slight_smile:

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