Any recommended stock podcasts?

Hi - i was wondering if anyone had podcasts they listened to that discussed tech/software stocks that thwy recommend?

A close second might be podcasts on technology trends in general, if not stock-specific?


Hey Dreamer,

This isn’t quite stock specific but a16z covers technology extensively. This is the podcast from Andreessen Horowitz, one of the best venture capital firms out there.



I checked it out and topics look good. Added it on soundcloud. Thanks!

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Nvidia has an AI podcast that has some interesting episodes. It’s not all about Nvidia products but they give some intro into AI and Deep Learning and talk to a lot of companies about how they’re using Neural Networks and ML to produce useful products for the world. For instance the most recent one is about how GoDaddy uses DL to help customers select the best domain name for their business.


Not sure I can help with specific-to-tech investing podcasts, but I like David Gardner’s Rule Breaker Investing (RBI) podcast, Market Foolery, Motley Fool Money, NPR’s Planet Money (also, The Indicator), and Invest Like the Best (Patrick O’Shagnessy’s podcast) is new-to-me but O like it so far.

If not for the RBI podcast, I doubt I may not have pulled the trigger on joining TMF and subsequently discovered this gold mine of a board.


I second Invest Like the Best. The content is great, but the production is good as well. I listen to this almost everyday (their episodes last two commutes for me).

I try to listen to RBI as well, but not enough time usually.

I listen to Defensive Security Podcast, for professional growth, but mostly because I haven’t found anything better.

On an entertainment side I like Lore, Reply All, Stuff you should Know, and Freakonomics Radio



I would almost suggest that David/Tom should interview Saul for a podcast episode sometime, but that might drive all that much more traffic this way.

I had totally forgotten to re-subscribe to Freakonomics since getting a new phone back in November. It used to be one of my favorites.