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I am an avid podcast listener and thought I’d share my favorites in case anyone is interested.

These are in no particular order. I am not listing ones that most people already know about - like all the Fool podcasts and Mad Money etc…

Chit Chat Money - I just found this and I love it. They do a lot of deep dives on the type of companies we discuss. Lots of new IPOs are discussed. They just had Tim Beyers on the Sept 22 episode and it was great. He discusses FSLY, SNOW, and ESTC. He also briefly mentions BOX - which I had never heard of, but he says is one he owns and could have big future potential.

The Investing City Podcast - he recently interviewed Muji, Richard Chu, and Peter O.

Bloomberg Surveillance - daily podcast covering macro issues

Dividend Cafe - covers macro and politics. Does not discuss specific companies.

Macro Voices - weekly discussion of macro, plus an in-depth interview of guests.

We Study Billionaires - they cover a lot of “value” companies - they also discuss Bitcoin periodically.

UnChained - Bitcoin and Crypto - I just started listening to this also, and I really like the lady who runs it - very sharp.

Money for the Rest of Us - covers a single money related topic each week - very wide range of topics

Animal Spirits - humorous take on various market topics

Investing with IBD - some people don’t like their method, but you can still get some good company ideas from the podcast

Behind the Markets - weekly market discussion with Jeremy Segal plus interview of other guest

The End Game - DEEP finance discussions with various guests

The Compound Show

Super Investors and the Art of Worldly Wisdom - one of my favorite guys, but he does podcasts very infrequently. Value oriented.

There are more, but those are the best. Open to new ideas if anyone has a podcast they like.


Pounding the Table is a new podcast that focuses on growth stocks and discusses many of our favorite companies on a regular basis. I have already discovered two companies from the show that took deep dives into and later started positions in.


Selected Links:

Chit Chat Money -

The Investing City Podcast -

Bloomberg Surveillance -

Dividend Cafe -

Macro Voices -…

We Study Billionaires -

Animal Spirits -

Investing with IBD -…

Behind the Markets -…

And one suggestion from me:

7Investing -


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