My LBYM food prep this A.M.

Made myself a egg, cheese, avocado & arugula bagel sandwich.
Made guacamole with the remaining avocado, leftover half a tomato, cumin, lime, salt, garlic.

Started Chicken Tikka masala in the crock pot with about half the chicken thighs we had bought on sale, jar of prepared sauce, a handful of mushrooms, a little red onion and 1/2 a red pepper. Rinsed out the jar with some broth I had in the refrigerator. Except for the rice, lunch is taken care of, and we have leftovers for the weekend.

Cooked up the remaining thighs with just a little salt & pepper. We’ll use them in the next few days for chicken tacos and chicken salad, most likely. As I was doing up the dishes, I was trying to figure out what to do with the drippings left in the pan, instead of putting down the drain. I had the eureka that I could just add that to the Crock pot. Done.

Dinner will probably be leftover Stroganoff from last night, or maybe just a salad.

We’re leaving for the month of February, more or less, so trying to use up any perishables that can’t be frozen before we go. It doesn’t look like we’ll need to go for groceries now until we get back. We’re perhaps a little light on fresh fruit, but have a couple things in the freezer and canned that we can use. Veggie-wise, we have a lot of odds and ends, plenty of lettuce, a cabbage and a cauliflower. By the end of the month, it’ll be like one of the cooking shows, where this is what you’ve got, make something with it.