Apple wireless Bluetooth keyboard a1314

My wireless keyboard is dead I think. Tried all the gizmos to fix, no joy. Batteries changed tried resetting reconnecting etc… power switch on/off …. No longer on AppleCare - too old. I see a refurbished Amazon for $60 or so…or should I try to buy a new pristine one? Suggestions???

I have tried various keyboards over the years. Probably this is my old memory, but I still think to IBM keyboards from the 80s are the best ever. While Logitech and others offer Mac keyboards, my experience is not good. An update happens (or doesn’t) and something changes in the wrong direction.

So I have defaulted to Apple’s magic keyboard. If the battery fails, you can use it with a wire. Apple offers two styles – I do more excel work than many, so I have the version with a built in number pad - which costs more.


I’ve avoided BT keyboards, always went for a wired one, so I knew I had a connection, such as when going to Safe Mode, etc… But that was back in earlier times, Macs, Mac Pro, but now the new Mac Mini, it might be better, but I have several wired keyboard, so never bothered looking at BT versions, extended ones go way back, but those live in a bin somewhere in the garage…

I do have one BT little short one, I was going to use it with the 4K AppleTV, but found it more trouble than just poking in the passwords as needed… I picked it up used, at the flea market, battery had corroded, but I got it out, cleaned up and it works… It was the challenge of getting it working!

Might check your local craigslist, or eBay???

Saw this one on craigslist for $20.

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Hard to generalize, but I have had trouble with every non-apple (wireless) keyboard I have used eventually. The wired ones are fine, but my lifestyle doesn’t suit to wired anymore. I have several Logitech and other brands that keep losing connection, need rebooting, lose battery life, etc.

I’ve not had any issues with the apple keyboards, FWIW, except the occasional battery change (3 x AA) or recharge type. Of course it always tells me I need to recharge in the middle of a task, so that’s kind of a pain. And why they put the lightning port on the bottom, so you can’t use it while it’s recharging. Very un-intuitive on the designers’ part, I’ll say.


Thx just ordered one should arrive thursday - has Bluetooth and lightning cable with usb. Hoping it will work for awhile with my antique set-up. Lol

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Thx just ordered one should arrive thursday

Which one?

Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad - US English
The issue is my current set up is old MBPro retina (2013)with large display attached . And the keyboard totally died after installation of new Safari update from Apple last week .Very strange but it did and have been advised kb can’t be fixed so ordered new hopefully will be able to connect. Going to update both Dh and my computers however his first. Maybe can use new keyboard in whatever May? work with one of our new setups…

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If one is pretty handy, that MB’s keyboard can be replaced…

Marked as difficult, I didn’t follow the video, but I have a similar one, my GD gave to me when she moved on to a new MBPro, I bumped up its RAM, replaced its battery… So far it’s KB is OK…

All the best…

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Wow - thx for the lead. Will check into it.

Looking at the Instructions, it’s a bit tough, I see they use heat pads to remove the parts glued in place, they do sell all the tools, and there is the video, too, but if one is careful, it could save a lot of bucks…

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Sounds like a bit much for these 2 old brains…I do have he original order,will see how/if it all works out. Thanks…

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Not sure what model Mac you are going to get. iMacs come with a Magic Keyboard (not not the number key pad version). Mac Minis do not have a keyboard, mouse or display.

I am very confident that a new Apple Keyboard will work on any Apple computer you purchase today or for the next 3 years - probably longer.

Have you tried the keyboard that died with a wired connection between the keyboard and the computer?

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There is no place/outlet on the dead keyboard for a wire? It’s model ( a1314) no wire attachment possible.- “Apple wireless keyboard” sigh ……

Yea – sorry for being such dunce - I forgot about the keyboard with batteries in a tube.

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