My elderly mini iPad is nearing the end of it’s useful life and I’m looking for recommendations on a replacement. Can’t upgrade the operating system and many apps are requiring an updated system.

I mostly use this for reading ebooks from the library, a few games and occasional web searches. I haven’t used it any place without wifi access in a couple of years and the last time it was because I didn’t feel like getting up to get the password so cellular access is probably not needed. I can’t justify the cost of a new iPad. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Any time I purchase new non-phone tech, I check out Swappa first. I have bought and sold on the platform and recommend it 100%. Think of it as a curated and vetted eBay. You can get great deals on 1-2 year old iPad models that are in great condition. You’ll pay 1/2 the price of retail this way. I usually look for tablets that have just come back from a warranty issue, so it’s refurbished by Apple/Samsung/Etc.



I can’t justify the cost of a new iPad.

Prices start at $329.

It is probably only a pittance, but Apple does offer something for an old iPad, or at least for some old iPads.


Right now, there are a lot of things higher on my priority list than spending $329 for a new iPad.

Thanks for the Apple link for trade up. Unfortunately, mine doesn’t qualify, but they will recycle it for free.

Thanks for the link to swappa. I’ll poke around there and see if there’s something that will work.

Thanks for the Apple link for trade up. Unfortunately, mine doesn’t qualify, but they will recycle it for free.

So will Best Buy. May be easier for you to get to.

Have you searched out Craigs List in your area? You should get to touch before buying.

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I use an Amazon Fire 10 w 32k memory. About $135. Designed for ebooks but I use it for email and reading stuff on the web. 10" screen gives big text. Easy to read. Inexpensive. Goid performance. Recommended.


w 32k memory.

Have to laugh :slight_smile:

32k, 32GB, what’s the difference? It’s only a factor of a million. :smiley:

I’ve been using my Kindle Fire 10" for a couple years for Youtube, web browsing, books. It works fine for my use. And if the $150 new price is too high, there is a used/refurbished market, and they do go on sale fairly often. (Was $75 on Cyber-Monday)


I’ve owned an iPad, Ipad mini, Windows and Android tablets as well as a Kindle Reader and Kindle Paperwhite. Hands down for reading books the Kindle wins every time. I used my standard/basic Kindle for years. It was easy on the eyes with little glare from the screen. However, I often find myself reading in rooms with little light so I used a small clip on LED book light.

I finally bought a new (7th generation) Kindle Paperwhite a few years ago. The backlit paperwhite feature is absolutely worth the added expense. It is easy to read without eye strain in any light and there is no glare. The battery life per charge lasts for weeks. I have over a hundred books on my Kindle and only have used 499MB of storage and have 2.55GB free space.

I never thought that owning a dedicated (book) reader would be worthwhile but I was wrong.


I do most of my computing on an HP Desktop. The Amazon Fire sits next to my recliner. Its great for checking email, reading on line news reports, and even searching for news or stock prices. All in my comfy recliner with a cup of coffee.

I had an Amazon Fire 7 with 16k memory before. It worked ok but the extra memory makes for easier operation. It came with a separate plug-in keyboard for under $50.

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I have a Kindle Fire, my mother owns a Kindle reader (not sure which version - pretty sure it is not the paperwhite).
The Fire is OK for reading - but I don’t think it’s much different from other Android tablets as far as reading.
The Kindle reader is much better IMO for reading.

They’re very different things - even though they’re both under the “Kindle” brand name.

De-lurking to say that I prefer my Kindle Fire even for reading books. I’m so spoiled with being able to touch a word or a phrase and get links to Wikipedia and other info. And the backlit screen and blue light filter allow me to curl up in bed with the lights off and read until the birds start chirping.

It’s still not great for reading magazines, though, even the 10" one.


Yep, that should be 32 gb and 16 gb.

You caught me napping.

Thank you all for the suggestions. It looks like the Fire will do what I want. Added to my shopping list.