AppleCare expiration on phone?

iPhone 13 1 year Apple Care expired. Got offer from Apple to extend for $10/ month, I’m inclined not to extend, I take pretty good care of my phone however anything “could” happen any time. Am thinking I can handle the risk though - any thoughts?

I’m on my third (4, 8, 14 if memory serves) iPhone. Each has had an Otterbox case for protection. I’ve never had one damaged, and never had AppleCare. But if I had to replace it that wouldn’t be any sort of financial strain for me. Your situation may be different.

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My niece has an iPhone 13 in an Otterbox case and the screen cracked when it dropped. But she’s a klutz - sorry dear! - who doesn’t take care of her expensive stuff, to my endless frustration. I’m sure she dropped it plenty of times before that with no problems. That said, no case will protect a phone in every drop circumstance.

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We have gotten iPhones every other year beginning in 2007. Compared to most we are careful with stuff. Particularly in recent years when co-pays/deductibles entered the picture it was not possible justify purchasing AppleCare on iPhones. The closest I came to a claim was when I got a wad of pocket fuzz in a Lightning port and the phone would not charge or backup. Apple-Care suggested a toothpick to remove fuzz and all was well.

Similar experience with iPads and Apple Watches.

I do get Apple-Care on my Macs. I want to technical support. My wife and I have had battery swelling issues with a single Mac Book. Her incident was a few months after the 3 year period, mine was just before Apple-Care expired.

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