April Starting Gate

Note 1) Starting Gate is supposed to be the follow-up to the Monthly Performance Summary of what I done did last month - establishing a sort of flexible road map or schematic for what I think I might do moving forward. Sometimes it actually works out the way I thunk it up.

Note 2) I am an amateur investor and no one in their right mind would attempt to follow or replicate what I do; rather, develop your very own investing plan according to your skill set, investing experience and goals.

Note 3) Drop a few cans of Dinty Moore Beef Stew off at your local Food Bank and be a hero to a family somewhere!

I tend to attempt to run my portfolio along the lines of a basketball coach with a roster to manage. I do that primarily because stocks and all the various flotsam around them bore me and in my own way have made a mildly interesting spoof or game out of the process.

While I am undecided whether the late March rally signified the end of the Great Growth Sell-off - or whether the Bears just took a short sabbatical of sorts - I intend to begin filling back out the roster. I started with the moves I made Friday with the portfolio roster now looking like this:

A) STARTERS - Highest Confidence companies intended to represent 65-70% of the portfolio.

  1. DDOG
  2. ZS
  3. BILL
  4. MNDY
  5. UPST

B) The Bench - Intended to represent up to 25% of the portfolio

  1. S

C) Scout Team - Intended to represent 10% of the portfolio.

  1. SE
  2. MQ

Depending on the cooperation of the market early next week I intend to add two former roster members to the Scout Team:

  1. Unity - “Operates an interactive real-time 3D content platform”


Latest ER Press Release Here:



  • Revenue Growth of 43% Y/Y

  • Customers generating $100,000 or more in Revenue increased 32% Y/Y

  • DBNER of 140%

Current Price: $98.92
Range: 73.12 - 210.00
About 53% Below its High
Market Cap: $29B (Give or Take)

Interesting enough, 2021 began a sort of round trip adventure for the company: On April 5, 2021 the price per share was $100.60: Friday the stock closed at its current price of (98.92). In between it ran-up over $200 per share at the height of the Growth Company Delirium.

Couple of Scouting Reports:



I sold U back when all things Nasdaq were crumbling for $145.82 and will be buying them back for about a 32% discount. While I don’t expect U to double any time soon - it will play a large role in the development of the Metaverse; and as such, as the Metaverse goes so goes U. I expect U to be a steady performer from this point and very worthy of a Scout Team position. We’ll see how that works out.

  1. GLBE - "provides a platform to enable and accelerate direct-to-consumer cross border eCommerce.


Latest ER Press Release Here:



  • GMV Increased 66% Y/Y

  • Revenue Growth of 54% Y/Y

Current Price: $34.28
Range: 24.22 - 83.77
About 59% Below its High
Market Cap: $5.33B

Scouting Reports:



I sold GLBE back in February and have the opportunity to buy it back at a wholesale Discount of 25%. Who doesn’t like a sale? I originally sold it largely due to disappointing organic growth in its last report. My friend Dreamer pointed out that the company pseudo partnership with SHOP hadn’t really had the chance to get all bucked out. I have since thought about that and maybe I was hasty and Dreamer had a great point; that said, I do get brownie points by being rewarded for my hastiness with that aforementioned 25% wholesale pricing. We’ll see I suppose.

Note: I can change my mind on these two companies at any time and have the entire rest of the weekend to think about it. Other companies I competing for Scout Team positions are:

MELI- Owns an entire continent and Mexico
DOCN - Gathering a fairly large fan club
CFLT - Great Y/Y growth
TASK - Rev Grow and Sky High Net Retention
GTLB - Bert Likes Them
FVRR - Bottomed Out and Ready to Soar?
AMPL - Folks Hyped it Way to Soon
TWLO - Rock Steady

All the Best,