A June Starting Gate Of No Particular Color

Starting Gate is intended to represent a sort of schematic - an actionable plan - a follow-up as it were, to the Monthly Performance Summary. Where the MPS outlines what the portfolio achieved - or didn’t achieve, during the previous month - the Starting Gate post helps me summarize what I think I should do, might do and/or am considering doing going forward. It’s just like calling a play in the huddle (only completely different) allowing for the use of a variety of audibles being called which may be determined by how the defense (market) looks at the line of scrimmage. Pretty basic and simple stuff.

So currently this is the portfolio roster:


Intended to represent 65-70% of the Portfolio

  1. MNDY
  2. BILL
  3. ZS
  4. GLBE
  5. TTD

B) The Bench

Intended to represent 20-25% of the portfolio

  1. ENPH

C) Scout Team

Intended to represent not more than 10% of the Portfolio

  1. AEHR
  2. IOT

Recent Roster Reductions: Sold UPST and PLTR after really nice runs. Why? Two reasons: 1) Not really all that sure or committed to either of them; and 2) Belief that I will be able to add them back at a lower entry price in the future.

Current TBs:

  1. ZS - opened 5/31 at 131.47 with a current short term gain of +12.83%. Should sell but considering making the TB a permanent addition boosting the ZS core position.

  2. IOT - opened 6/2 at 24.60 with a current short term gain of 13.48%. Have to sell this TB or allow IOT to gain Bench status - which might not be a really bad idea anyway. Decisions - Decisions.

  3. ENPH - opened 6/2 at 153.57 with a current short term gain of 17.81%

  4. BILL - opened 5/31 at 103.10 with a current short term gain of +8.39%

One of my semi strict TB rules is to not get greedy - and to sell promptly once the TB is profitable. Gain easy profit points quickly and repeatedly while allowing the core investment to provide the large longer term gains. Maybe getting a step or two slow in my old age. Dunno.

So given that portfolio roster and status - what to do now?

One of the reasons I am slow this month on posting Starting Gate is simply because I am not sure where I am going from here. It would be really comfortable to simply stay put for a while and allow the roster to work on its own. The fact that the All-Too-Lovely wants to summer out of country this year is a factor to consider - I have no idea how much oversight and/or portfolio roster coaching I can do while out of pocket. So theres that.

However, the major hold-up in laying out a June plan is simply the market itself. Add the AI All Stars such as I might be able to identify those that make some sense just now after the AI feeding frenzy - or consider that the AI pop was just laying a foundation for future gains? Who might the All Stars be -anyway?


The three that seem like rock solid companies with decent performance histories set to benefit and add value longer term. Perhaps take small Scout Team positions and add as the opportunity allows? That is possible. Or - just stay where I am currently with the team I have on the floor and wait for better opportunities? Dunno - but what I do know is that a confused mind says no. And thats exactly where I am.

The one thing I am most likely to do is demote GLBE to the Bench. Good company with a nice future but the roster might need a quicker point guard as a STARTER. Who that point guard might be is still to be determined although there are a wealth of possibilities.

So thats that: Not a very good June Starting plan at all - but it’s all I got just now. So far - we’re off to a pretty good start to the month and the market seems like it want to run. Wouldn’t be all the surprised by a slight pause or retreat prior to a continuing run into the summer. Could happen.

All the Best,
BDH Investing


FWIW, they all look pretty good to me. Some might take some patience, but they all seem promising for the long haul.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

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Unity news with apple looks promising. Might fit scout team if you would like to play.

IOT, AEHR might go to starter but looks after Sentil hard hit I also feel this decision good by keeping them in scout team.

What a change in a week, now if we sell TB’s feeling like we never get entry’s back. may be time to pass this TB strategy at least some time. looks you already doing that.

Hi Rob - thats the way I see it also…at least for now.

All the Best,


I was puzzled by the Apple mixed reality headset. Might be a fun toy but not for $3.9K (after tax) - which equates to about 97.5 bottles of my favorite wines - which - provides one with all the mixed reality they need. So not all that sure its a block buster of an announcement which would also mean not all that helpful to U. Note: could be wrong and often am - so theres that.

I am at the same point as a Navy option Quarterback who has to make a decision to keep it or pitch to the trailing back. Which is to say I am caught between the SaaS thing and the AI thing. That decision has to be split second without hesitation based on visuals and instinct - and currently I am not ready to pitch but not sure to keep. Simple as that.

The TBs will be sold - at least two of them today. They have been very successful for the portfolio and not doing what’s working is never a good recipe for success unless there is a replacement plan available. And there ain’t.

All the Best,
BDH Investing


Football sneaking into a basketball board… :slight_smile:

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Demoted GLBE to Bench Status

Allowing IOT to gain Bench Status by absorbing the TB

Sold BILL TB for a short term gain of +13.23%

Sold ZS Trading Block for s short term gain of +15.82%

All the Best,
TBH Investing



Really REALLY happy for you…I know you shared the same pain I went through when my portfolio got decimated…The difference between you and me is I stayed out while you ventured into the wild west!!! Experience, my dear Watson!!

For your sake, I hope SMCI and TSLA goes to the moon!

And I hope you are still holding on to them both!!!



I added MELI today with a borderline Bench level position at $1209 and some change.

All the Best,
BDH Investing


Added three TBs late today:

  1. Bought back the ZS TB shares I sold yesterday at a nice 8% discount (Depending on what happens in the next day or so.)

  2. Opened a TB in Monday at $166.42.

  3. Opened a TB in IOT at $26.43. Note: Hesitant on IOT largely because I just decided to absorb an existing TB and adding a day later on a slight 5%+/- pullback seems a bit more risky than the norm. Or so it seemed at the time - we’ll see where things go the rest of the week but I wouldn’t rule out more selling.

MDB - started to pull the trigger on the MDB pullback but it was way to skinny. Maybe tomorrow.

All the Best,
BDH Investing


Thank you. Still own my SMCI and TSLA.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.