APRIL 2023 Starting Gate

Today - Prior to Starting Gate I jumped the gun and took the below noted actions:

  1. Sent DDOG and SNOW to The Bench

  2. Added to ENPH on today’s weakness - such as that was.

  3. Added both IOT and PERI to the roster with Scout Team allocations. We’ll see.

Why did I add IOT? Frankly - After seeing it on Saul’s review and then on Bear’s review, two investors I respect - I took some time to go back and read Bert’s article on the company. All of which combined, persuaded me to start a small position. Well - that and an IBD Relative Strength Rating of 97 and an Accumulation Ranking of B+. Plus Rev Gro of 48% and Guidance for 40%.

But here is the thing: They get the bulk of revenue from their software that monitors Fleet Vehicles; which, as it goes - should carry them forward for a while. The big question is can they increase/add-on additional verticals?


Why did I add PERI? Because its related to BING that is related to MSFT which is now related to ChatGPT all in a sort of incestuous relationship - or something like that. Alone - without any potential Bing Boost, PERI is growing at a 30% clip. IBD rankings for Relative Strength and Accumulation are 98 and A+, respectfully.


April Starting Gate

Ok…so as I mentioned in my highly and intricately detailed Monthly Performance Summary - such that it were, the late month market pop in March caused me to sell completely out of Trading Blocks. (I ended March having 21 TBs YTD (I still have to count em all up so it could be a few more or a few less) - which is sort of behind the TB pace in 2022.

So I have cash and intent to both re-arrange and possibly further add to the roster, dependent on whether the market cooperate. With the additions of IOT and PERI I still have a couple of positions available on the Scout Team. Other issues I am thinking about:

  1. I now have ZS, CRWD and S all on the roster and combined they may carry too much internet security allocation. So - thinking about what to do about that and haven’t arrived at any semblance of a conclusion just yet. Should have thought about that before adding both ZS and CRWD back in the equation. Both ZS and CRWD are both profitable for the team and I can walk away with that - but, its more complicated than that. So what to do?

2). I reduced DDOG and SNOW based on recent performance and, in SNOW’s case, over valuation as we’re still having an economic moment. Still healthy and valuable roster members - just a little less exposure.

  1. As travel partners for ENPH I have looked at both ARRY and NXT. Both companies are related in that they monitor solar power stuff. XMFRob mentioned ARRY a few weeks back and NXT recently celebrated its IPO. They are obviously competitors and either might fit on the Scout Team. ARRY in particular has a nice Relative Strength Rating of 96 or so with an Accumulation Ranking of B- that goes along nicely with Rev Gro of 83%. Here is more about both:



  1. Here are a few roster replacements I am looking at should I decide to cut either DDOG or CRWD or both:

A). In early March I bought MELI (Again) at $1,185 as an unusual outside-the-portfolio TB, (This makes the 12-15 times I have done this over the very recent past so for me and MELI perhaps not so unusual)) and sold the thing at $1252. It has since scooted to over $1,300 and I am having sellers remorse. If it goes back anywhere near my selling point I may re-enter for the longer term. MELI is rock solid long term

B). MONGO - Bought and sold MDB during the month and made a decent enough quick term profit. But now - I am wishing it would just collapse a bit so I could get back in for the longer term. MDB may be more rock solid long term than MELI - or, maybe not.

C) Got caught looking the other way during the Bull run while focused almost entirely on SaaS and missed great investments in PODD, AXON and MBLY. If any of that trio comes back to earth or anywhere toward the cheaper seats - then perhaps they would make great roster additions.

Lots of stuff to consider. As I move forward I am going to post a list of the companies in our general growth wheelhouse along with potential TB opportunities which; may or may not, be useful at all for anyone at all.

All the Best,