AR VR expanding TAM with ASMR

I’ve been seeing the acronym ASMR fairly frequently, sorta deduced what it was, but didn’t really Google it.
Til today.
ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response)
Is a very light “tingling sensation, that some people “feel” due to some trigger.
When I read that, I thought “ahh, the tingle one feels along with 70,000 other people at a football game, or a televangelist event. Or maybe the fingernails on a chalk board” phenom.”

But maybe not. This 2015 article explains it better than I can. ASMR involves whispering, very slight rustling, scraping, etc… Which is relaxing.

There are pointers for you to determine if you, too, can feel ASMR.

Point #5 “How big is ASMR?”.
Includes a link to a “Most disturbing ASMR video”. Yes, it’s disturbing. But, I found it funny.

Point #7. Where is ASMR future? AR VR and the metaverse of course.

But there are some technological advancements that could greatly advance ASMR. Virtual reality in particular has a lot of ASMR video makers and viewers excited, since it could bring a whole new level of immersion to the experience.

Could this be monetized?

This Jan2022 article has a link to a Green M&M video/commercial, that Rolling Stone labels as erotic ASMR.
FYI Mars company is updating M&Ms.

Title: ‘Let the Green M&M Be a Nasty Little [s… ] Lut’
Mars Wrigley is trying to make the green M&M wear Larry David sneakers and we will not stand for it"

You’ll have to Google the title of the Rolling Stones article. January 20, 2022. The url contains a word that is forbidden.
ralph is this topic OT if these videos are getting millions of views?
YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Alibaba all cater to “rabbit hole” viewers.

When will VR googles and a Haptic suit be “The must have Xmas present”? And Black Friday super sale?

I was confusing ASMR with EMDR

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This is a digital seance for the older teenagers to introduce the young teens to craziness.

Who hasn’t been there?

How many people have their seance board still? Not many of us since age 18. Unless it was in its box on top of a pile of other games.

I am also sure there is some herb involved in this somehow…


Interesting observation, Leap1.

So, you see the target users as young adults and teens, rather than people who are trying to find ways to destress and relax?


sort of but I can only equate my experience. I can not speak for others.

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