Archive of old posts

TMF: How is the read-only archive of old posts coming along?

Without that archive I will not bother to continue to participate.
Also, I’ve previously listed a number of issues with the new format, as have others, that make it less useable than the previous, although the ability to post graphics is most welcome(!).

Combine the new interface issues with loss of access to old posts, and I will no longer be participating and I assume that many others feel similarly. I’m sure that many people worked hard with good intentions to create the new interface, but I see the boards dying if at least the issue of archiving old posts isn’t addressed quickly.


The boards ARE dead already. Compare the number of new posts on the MI and especially the Berkshire board, even on Saul’s, with what they have been before and it’s clear.


Saul is not a good example IMHO, because he restricts who is allowed to post.


Hey Ted -

Long time TMF participant here. Sorry you feel the way you do. I’m not happy that TMF has decided to chuck all of the history either - but they own the content and they have made it available for the next month or so for you to capture old posts that you might want to save.

I’m noticing that folks that declared that they “are outta here” are slowly learning and posting. I hope you also take the time to learn and continue to contribute. We are a community after all.



said2, is there a way I can contact you/exchange e-mail adresses? Unfortunately there seems to be no way to reply privately on the new boards.

Yes, over Jim

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Not so much. I’ve been gone a week (family visit) and come back to see tumbleweeds.