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I’ve been spending a lot of time lately copying posts from the old boards to my local computer to keep them, assuming that the old boards will soon be taken down and those posts sent to the great electron heap in the sky. While I’m finding posts that are important to me, I’m keeping a lot from this particular board. Most of my posts at TMF over the last 22 years have been made here.

At this point, my main takeaway from all of this is that I sure miss Phil and his wit.



Tax strategies ain’t my thing but you do have a way with words, so decided to test my pain threshold by manually saving a few posts.


“Read” the first 4725 8860 threads (30k posts) so far. Could probably squeeze in another 5000 posts while watching Powell wreck the market.


Thank you for that. I really appreciate it.

But your efforts are probably best spent elsewhere. My reason for saving posts on this board is mostly sentimental. Doing the same job on something like Berkshire Hathaway or METAR or Mechanical investing would be far more likely to do some good for many more people, as the information there is actually useful.


PS - If you want to suffer simply for the sake of suffering, there’s always PA. :scream:


Well, thing is… I’ve heard that there’s only two things that are certain in life, and I intend to keep it that way.

I have now saved ALL threads from this board. Every single one as a separate HTML file. Didn’t take much effort… just had to type image about 35 000 times… (Anyone care to donate a spare image key?)

When MF turns history and people’s legacies into dust without ever explaining why, death and taxes will remain.

Would be happy do BRK, METAR and Mechanical investing, but I see about 1.22 million problems in doing those manually. It’s possible to scrape all threads from those boards in a friendly and just a little bit complicated way. There’s also a simple and less friendly way to download every single post from all boards.

There’s also an extremely simple way: MF could put everything in a zip file, although the cost for hosting such a file would be about $0.000000000 per month. :scream:


Oh my!! And the HTML files might be searchable!!

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Well, yes. Searched for your username and that gave me 115 threads. Thanks to your reply in “Live in NJ, Work in NY. Who gets income tax?” 22 years ago, I’ve now gained knowledge about that it gets hairy if you live and work in states that are not neighbors. :slight_smile:

The threads are self-contained HTML files. More than what’s needed to preserve the content, but makes it viewable as is. I used the extension outlined here, enabled auto save, and read a lot about tax strategies.

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Hijacking this thread for a quick updateimage

I’ve done Berkshire Hathaway and Mechanical investingimage And a number of smaller boardsimage About one million posts so farimage