Arista CEO Blog & CTO Blog on New Products

First my apologies it should read Cognitive Campus 2020 not 2000 in my previous post.

Here is a link to a blog post that just went up on Arista’s IR website from Jayshree Ullal.…

and here is a link to a new Ken Duda blog that covers his discussion of the Cognitive Management Plane which he discussed at the Analyst Day presentation.…

CFO Ita Brennan also talked about how adding the campus will increase the TAM over time, although she does not expect much impact in 2018. She also outlined the company’s long-term operating margin goal is 32% to 34% and gross margin targets are 63% to 65%. R&D 18% to 20%, sales & marketing 10%, and G&A 2%.

So if I am an analyst and the company announces that it is increasing its TAM my guess is we may see some price traget increases over the next couple of weeks - I hope!

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I still need to read Duda’s blog, and I don’t understand all the networking jargon and its implications from Jayshree’s blog and video.

Here is the video with Jayshree Ullal talking about this new Cognitive Campus initiative.…

I noted in her blog that she mentioned Cisco and Aruba/HPE.
Today, companies such as Cisco and Aruba/HPE are market leaders with their wired and wireless offerings.
Then, not much later on:
We work closely with our technology partners HPE/Aruba, VMware and many security partners to help our customers realize the full value of cognitive campus networking solutions as shown in the figure below.

With the amount of stuff they’re putting out with this release, with things from both the CEO and CTO, along with noting the above between the lines aspect of going after Cisco, it seems that this is a fairly big push by Arista to break more and more into Enterprise networking, with “Campus” basically equaling “Enterprise”.

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