Aussie growth good; US growth better

For those who are considering some of the Australian high-growth companies discussed on this board from time to time, the following free MF-Australia article may be of interest. I will link it two different ways in hopes at least one is reproduced successfully. If not, you can find the article by googling “Tom Richardson” and “here’s how the waaaax shares compare” . . . .……

The conclusion is that the best Aussie growth stocks are great, but are thumped by the best US growth stocks.

An interesting side note is that the list of top US growth stocks pretty much could have been extracted from this board (and may have been) – the only stock on the list that is not almost universally owned here is TEAM, which is pretty close to being a “Saul stock” if it is not in fact one.

I will point out once again that I think from the Aussie list APT (risky – no moat other than growing brand acceptance – but incredibly explosive in growth, with a monstrous TAM and a great runway) and ALU (lower risk, very good growth, with a finger in two important pies – SaaS and IoT) deserve real consideration.