Authorities identify boaters who trashed beautiful Biscayne Bay island



what a bunch of low life slobs ! Hope the Law prosecutes them.

Up here, we have beautiful fresh water lakes and Bays. Love going swimming and paddleboarding in them. More frequently, we are getting alerts to stay out of the water due to "high bacteria levels " type issues. This is thought to be a human waste issue. The local TV station sent a reporter out to interview boaters that love to anchor in the shallows, and asked them if they p or poo in the water. Of course, no one admits to any of it. Then reporter asked them where do they go to p or poo, since they’re on a boat and there are no public facilities in proximity on the shore,and they are out there all day. Just a lot of stuttering and stammering from the boaters. There is a beautiful beach area real close to the downtown here, and I won’t go in the water there in peak tourist season. Boats anchored overnight, heckuva lot cheaper to stay on their boat overnight than pay for an overpriced hotel room. But that doesn’t eliminate the need to perform bodily functions.

Just an example of entitled Americans who can be counted on to be too lazy to do the right thing, just like down in Biscayne Bay.