Soliciting Travel Advice!

Volusia County has a mandated evacuation for the barrier island we’re on, so we’ll be heading back to Charlotte, NC.

Our normal route would be up I-95 all the way to I-26… but with the hurricane … and probably others “getting out of Dodge”, would it be better to take a different route?

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I have no advice, but you have my best wishes for you and your family.

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Rob, on my travel up to Weston in the rain Monday evening, traffic was lighter on the Ronald Reagan Turnpike, whereas Krone Road was slammed with heavy traffic of people who can’t see well enough at 70 MPH in sideways rain, so they moved to that slower road with stop lights in the lower 1/4.

I hope you avoided A1A (we call it “Beach Road”) which runs up Florida’s cost (how far it goes, I cannot remember) because that road was flooding today in Cocoa Beach and other towns and counties North. Not bad, mind you. But that 6-12 inches of water is saltwater . . . and you definitely don’t want that stuff to touch the underside of your car or even splash into your wheel wells.

Hope you got through the rain okay as you were driving.

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Our condo complex on the barrier island was given an evacuation order from the county. We chose to leave around 8pm Tuesday instead of waiting for the 10am Wednesday deadline in hopes of avoiding any traffic delays, going across the bridge to I-95 and staying the night in Kingsland GA (figured we’d avoid Jacksonville rush hour in the morning as well). That entire process was uneventful with no significant traffic and very little debris besides palm fronds.

Glad to have had no issues, but we wish we could have stayed. It didn’t seem that a Cat 1 would be a big deal from a safety standpoint and that we’d have an interesting time since the hotel/condo was SO close to the water. Our car was on a parking deck on the far side of the structure, so no flooding on our level would occur and spray would be incidental. Oh well… better luck next time! :slight_smile:

Hope your stay in Weston is similarly uneventful and that you don’t have any significant cleanup upon your return home.