I posted the following year-end for 2019 on another board, but I thought I’d post it here now. My largest holding, AXSM, was down 17% in January, which I believe results in a good buying opportunity. Axsome has topline results for two more Phase 3 trials due out this quarter, one for AXS-05 (STRIDE-1 for treatment resistant depression) and one for AXS-07 (INTERCEPT for migraines) . The company is in good financial shape, with a shelf offering last year giving them funding through 2021. The stock went from under 3 to over 100 last year, and so far this year it has been consolidating in the 80’s, awaiting trial results. The old post:

I started the year with about 80% in tech stocks, and ended the year at 16%. The bulk of my portfolio at year end is in biotech, 84%. My portfolio was up 215% for the year, thanks mostly to AXSM, 77% of my portfolio. I have always appreciated people on these boards who give us their personal experience with tech, and for the first time in my life I felt that I had inside information on a stock. I had discovered the effectiveness of Axsome’s flagship drug, AXS-05, on my TRD (depression), and I shared this on several boards last spring. Axsome has changed my life both medically and financially. I am holding my shares, as I see continued success for AXSM stock next year. I also had a one-day triple in ITCI recently, reflecting how hot biotech currently is. While I still hold positions in AYX, CRWD, DDOG, TTD, ROKU, TLRA, and WIFI, and some other biotechs, there’s not another stock that I have more confidence in than AXSM for 2020. I know it’s against the rules, but I do love this stock (and I will get a trailing stop at some point).

I have benefited greatly from the biggest lesson I received from Saul, which is to stay fully invested, as I will continue to do. After giving up on individual stocks in the 2000 slaughter, I am grateful to TMF for helping me return last winter, and to the wonderful boards TMF allows and the wonderful people that participate in them. I have found great value in Stock Advisor, Rule Breaker, Blast Off 2019, TMF boards run by Saul, Mongoose Michael, and DreamerDad, Austin at Founder Stock Investing, Beth at, Bert at Ticker Target, and Dr. Tran at IBI in SA.

Best of luck to all in 2020.