Back to Saul's Mission

Folks, it’s getting hot in here, and I’m respectfully requesting that the discussions get back to the mission of this board.

Clearly, tempers are flying and many of the threads are getting close to personal attack and incivility, not to mention bordering on being off-topic for the board. I’d much prefer to not have to start removing threads here, but there are many who come to this board for serious investment insight and discussion.

If your point bends to a propensity of being political, take it to the PA board. If your post bends towards incivility, take a breath.



Tony Miller
Fool Community Manager


Well said, Tony.

When I tried to get the discussion away from politics and back to investing I was personally attacked by Tinker…he did not just get “close to personal attack and incivility”, he actually told me to “get bent.” There is no way that kind of post belongs on this board.