Bad community flagging

A post from VeeEnn in this thread: What next for Covid treatment? - #75 by captainccs - somewhere around post 75 or 76 (these boards don’t provide any decent accuracy in determining a post number) was “flagged by the community.” I don’t believe it has violated any of the fool’s rules, so the flagging seems inappropriate.



It was flagged because the post it quoted was flagged and removed so we also removed any post quoting it. VeeEnn was sent a message from the staff explaining this. The email received from the actually flagging suggests the post be edited to remove the quote. There was at least one other on that thread yesterday that had the same thing happen.


Thank you for the explanation. I appreciate it.


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It’s true. I did get a message. Seemed a bit like fanning flames unnecessarily to make any further comment but a belated thanks for the clarification.

Mind you, I find that somehow, having a post cloaked in the Veil of Mystery (aka greyed out) somehow seems to add an air of something that might be more interesting than it actually is… yes, even my own. I’ve only ever P-boxed someone back in Days of Yore … without the apparently de rigeur announcement, so unknown to the poster … no names, no packdrill but a mortgage broker with a conspiracy theorists’ take on Official Medicine and a strange affection for the anti cancer properties of cottage cheese enemas should be sufficient a description :wink:

One day, my head was spinning so much from the steady stream of drivel, I decided enough and did the p-box thing. Got up next morning to find a solid 2 pages that were about 90% greyed out posts!! Bad enough, but I found that being unable to cast a quick eye over them and immediately discern that it was more nonsense they suddenly looked as if there might be something worth reading there. Fixed that PDQ and haven’t done it since.

I wouldn’t be surprised if even more folk access it just to read how I’d been naughty now it’s developed an air of allure.