Bad news for fat people

Can we say that here?

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I was talking to a guy who worked for one of the soda companies delivering the big cans of soda to fast food places like McDs and other places too like the gas stations. He was telling me one of the jobs they had was cleaning the syrup lines that run to those machines from the cooler. He claimed that those clear syrup lines are the worst thing he has ever seen and would never drink soda from that type of dispenser. Evidently the lines get algae/mold in them and its hard to clean them out so the guys servicing them see the clear lines filled with the black/green stuff but cant do anything about it. Im glad I dont buy soft drinks from those soda fountains圬oc


The late news talked about that. According to Mickey Ds. they are taking out the machines due to a drop in dining room traffic since the plague. I dont eat Mickey Ds often enough to have a feel for how often the dining room is closed due to short staffing. Given that the drive up window has a very similar soda dispenser, the first takeaway is they simply are reducing capex and maintenance costs by eliminating the dining room dispenser.

Management says people who want a refill can ask for it at the counter. Given my recent experiences at Mickey Ds with unmanned or ignored counters, most people will give up trying to get anyones attention to give them a refill.

So, besides reduced capex and maintenance costs by eliminating the machine, they reduce/eliminate refills by making it nearly impossible for people to get a refill.

Meanwhile, a nearby Wendys was remodeled within the last year, and they put in a machine that serves up a couple dozen different concoctions, through one spigot, instead of the 8 or more spigots the older dispensers have.


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What are the odds are kids are ripping off the soda? MCD has given up on them?

The plastic tubing is cheap and should be easy to replace. A design that made that easy would be a winner.

In the good old days McDonalds found paying employees to wait for the foam to settle expensive. Hence save manpower by letting customer fill his own cup.

But doing anything like that would burden the JCs by taking their money away from them. Better to have the customers drink mold.



I thought this was going to be a thread about the airline thats charging people by the pound instead of by the seat:


Most airlines go out of business. Why should Samoan Airlines be any different?

They tend to be big out in the Pacific. Eight out of the top 10.
The most obese country by average BMI is the Cook Islands, which has an average BMI of 32.9. Nauru follows with 32.5, then Niue with 32.4. Samoa and Tonga both have average BMIs of 32.2. Finishing the top ten most obese countries are Tuvalu (30.8), Kiribati, Saint Lucia (30.0), Micronesia (29.7), and Egypt (29.6).

Egypt? Who knew?


The Russians have put the Egyptians on a war diet.

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Here in the UK many public buildings were built with reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (basically concrete with air pumped into it). These buildings are now failing and with hospitals;

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Talking with a long-lost cousin in London earlier this summer. Dad and I spoke with lost family because of a feud between our grandmothers. The father is my 3rd generation and his daughter is on the line. He had fun with us because we were from Dublin after the grandfather brothers split. My contemporary is giving out in jest about Ireland. My retort to Dublin is an English city, and as with anything English Dublin is going underwater. He found that very funny. The English have been reduced to taking stock of their losses.

We had a great holiday in Dublin a few years ago :slight_smile:

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I love Dublin.

20x over.

That area is Oceania.

{ By the mid-20th century, however, a combination of factors changed this. Catastrophic natural disasters brought in food aid from countries like New Zealand, Australia, and the United States, including flour, yeast, rice, and sugar in great supply. This influx gave way to new foods like pani popo (literally coconut bread), or buns baked in coconut cream, and koko alaisa (literally cocoa rice), or rice cooked in hot cocoa. **In addition, the world wars in the early-to-mid-20th century meant more people, industry, and cash in Smoas economy, giving more Samoans exposure and access to plagi foods. As with "many island groups in Oceania, food items like SPAM became a bigger part of daily diets, and with more Samoans able to afford more plagi foods, Samoan tables began looking more and more plagi by the minute, while also retaining many ancestral foods like taro, coconut, and breadfruit. While restaurants, bars, bakeries, dairies, and grocery stores had existed in Smoa since the mid-nineteenth century, they rapidly expanded through the mid- and late-20th century. Before long, both Samoan polities had several eateries and groceries selling ultra-processed foods. For example, the Independent State of Smoa boasts its own McDonalds fast food restaurant, while the less populated American Smoa claims two, along with other fast food establishments like Carls Jr. and Pizza Hut. }

IF this website is credible SAD happened to Oceania waistline.



From todays FB memories of a year ago

My first trip to Dublin. Ironically enough (given the thread title) it was a trip for dh to present 2 papers at a special meeting on NAFLD organized by the European Association for the Study of the Liver.


Probably said this Dad is Trinity trained. Others in the family on both sides went to Trinity, UCD, or the Royal College of Surgeons.