Barrons-Tesla Lost Marketshare in 4th Quarter-It’s No Problem

Why? Because the EV market is expanding.

2021 4th EV sales was 148,977 in US market.
2022 4th EV sales was 225;689 in US market.

2021 EV sales equaled 3% of total units sold in US market.
2022 EV sales equaled 6% of total units sold in US market.

World market:
2021 Tesla had 72% marketshare.
2022 Tesla had 65% marketshare.

US market:
2021 Tesla had 78% marketshare.
2022 Tesla had 58% marketshare.

Tesla models Y,3, S, & X occupy 4 of top 10 models sold in 2022.

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A more concise way to put it is that Tesla continues to grow market share of the overall automotive market.

Here’s a slide showing the recent (though aberrant) US results:

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.