Ben Hunt: Being Human In A LARPing World

The LARPing photo of the Uvalde Police accompanying this long piece from Ben Hunt is like something from a Gun Porn magazine. I look at those posers and shake my head.

Meanwhile, if a few more billionaires show their wart covered a$$es on Twitter, I could make a case that Elon, Peter Thiel, Jeff Bezos, Jack, etc., will all lose support of their respective businesses because the masses want representation without American Oligarchs dictating foreign and domestic policy.

In my lifetime, I hope we overthrow Citizens vs. United.

Being Human in a LARPing World
June 8, 2022 | Ben Hunt

To be clear, I am all for policy reform around both guns and police. Here’s the article I wrote about all that two years ago: The Anti-Anarchist Cookbook. Defund the police? No. Demilitarize and deunionize the police? Oh my god yes. As for guns, of course I think we should prevent teenagers, criminals and mentally ill violence-fantasists from buying any firearm, much less ridiculous cartoon rifles like AR-15s that are specifically designed and marketed to appeal to violence-fantasists.

But I also know this: policy reform, of whatever degree and whatever type, is not enough.

It will never – by design – be enough.

American politics IS an equilibrium, where all of our social ideas and narratives – not just those around guns and policing – are intentionally constructed and molded to support an extremely stable system, such that LARPing and play-acting at all of our social practices – not just those around guns and policing – have become the path of least resistance and the best way to get a pat on the head from the Nudging Oligarchy and the Nudging State. Hey, I got retweeted by Don Jr/ AOC / Elon! I am part of an important social movement!


Ben Hunt on the action of being human:

And that’s what Make / Protect / Teach is … a personal social movement that requires only the personal choice to act constructively and courageously in your everyday life.

It’s a personal social movement based on resistance and refusal. A refusal to vote for ridiculous candidates. A refusal to buy ridiculous securities. A refusal to take on ridiculous debts. A refusal to abdicate your identity and autonomy of mind.

It’s also a personal social movement based on more than refusal, more than turning the other cheek. There is also the action of being human, action in service to your Pack and your self-realization as a Human, not action in service to the Grand LARPers and their begrudging pats on your head.

Make / Protect / Teach and Being Human are revolutions. Not the revolutions that get televised and autotuned, but revolutions of the Human heart … which are the only revolutions that ever made a damn bit of difference anyway.