Gets My Early Vote for Worst Human of 2023

Mr. Fine is so, so, damn lucky I don’t live there any longer (I was in basic training at Ford Ord carrying the missing Trump’s backpack because hims is a baby man, not some NFT hero."

This psychopath could have given this woman pneumonia. Fine should sell his inventory now, lock his doors, etc., as he is going to wish he wasn’t so “woke” as a baby man coward like bored Josh Hawley running like a scared jackrabbit on 6 JAN 22.

Look at his stance. #FakeToughGuy who thinks he will be seen as a "hero. "

This woman might have lost her home, she might be riddled with cancer and has no way for pain suppression. She might not have transportation. She might have chemo brain from saving pennies to make it to a Chemo Lounge which is across town by 3 miles.

I’ve seen poor people who come into the Chemo Lounge and count change for a co-pay and almost cried. The overworked woman in Admissions (she did not misss a single day of work, took no vacations, and worked overtime due to our healthcare shortages in staff) would cry seeing this clip.

This is why so many homeless suffer in quiet desperation. No one stops, gives her money, and listens to her woe. You can’t do this to a poor human being, at least not in presence of real men who would tackle this SOB and hose him down to see what it feels like.

We need real Christians, Jews, Muslims, Native Americans, Atheists, etc. to condemn this evil man’s arrogance and cruelty to Humans.

Boycott 5his IguanaBrain, before he moves to Galt’s Gulch to whine, whine, whine about how the bad ole Liberals have made his actions necessaary

You don’t do this in the presence of #VetsAgainstBullies, Mr. Fine, because your entitled self would be eating a concrete sandwich. You really need to leave town, #Sheissekopf!

People with a conscience, check this out and prepare to see what Mr. Tough Guy did to a poor, denfeseless woman on a cold day in San Franciso.

Years ago we had a similar incident in Key West. The only person stopping to aid this poor homeless man being peed on by four college football players was a biker. He got took out some vengeance on those four sick boys as some drag queens - who work out at Cross Fit gym, to join the fun and toss these boys around lie ragdools


Anybody seeing this and who starts making excuses for Mr. Fine, yeah, go ahead and block me now. I don’t want to interact with people no conscience abany longer. Christian Natoinalist especially.

Jesus Christ, how does this happen and no one steps in and decks this guy?