Biden administration cracks down on prior authorization

Doctor and patients agree – for-profit, health insurers shouldn’t be deciding or delaying treatment with “prior authorization”.



TFG recently promised to repeal so-called “Obamacare,” writing on social media, “I’m seriously looking at alternatives.”
You’ll be able to see the new healthcare plan next Tuesday.

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At least they aren’t the “big gummit death panels”. Dying by gummit edict isn’t acceptable, but dying for improved “JC” profits is “freeedom”.



Was that really sarcasm?


PS - Don’t talk to women carrying an unviable fetus about big gummit death panels. She may let you know how real they are.


Hmmm, nice contradiction.

Pull a Putin and the “JC” falls out a window. And then another… And another…

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Remember the US government’s response to COVID, when it was only in China? The government did, what I think, was exactly the right thing to do: charter flights to evacuate USians from China, back to the US, where they were held in quarantine at US military bases. The pix I saw of the planes showed the entire interior covered with plastic sheeting, abundant supplies of face masks and disinfectant. As soon as the passengers were offloaded for holding for quarantine, the planes were disinfected, and, if needed, sent back to China for another load.

Then, COVID arrived in the US, where reasonable precautions would hurt “JC” profits, and force people to change the way they do things.

Suddenly, COVID became a “hoax”.



Compared to what I dream of, Putin is a big fluffy softy.

Think Pol Pot.