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NUANCE: For instance, Bill had a negative move in op margin over last 2Q, and, last Q, an alarming shift in cashflow margins to the negative. This Q, we could watch that profitability shift reverse, and it is back on trend, swinging positive on op margin and moving cash flow back towards positive. This hiccup is explained in hindsight by a bit of turmoil as they folded in 2 near simultaneous acquisitions. I was starting a position during this turmoil instead of panicing out.

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“The Divvy Accountant Advisor Program, in partnership with, empowers accounting firms with an integrated corporate card and software for their CAS clients, allowing them to deliver higher-value advisory services,” said Erik Asgeirsson, President and CEO of, the technology business subsidiary of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA).
The Divvy Accountant Advisor Program shifts the discussion for accounting and advisory firms away from reactive expense management to proactive discussions about business credit, managing spend before it happens, and leveraging a real time view of their clients’ business finances—offering a competitive differentiator for accounting, advisory, and CPA firms as part of enriched client advisory service capabilities. To learn more about the Divvy Accountant Advisor Program, click here.

and also on ZoroSGInvesting fine earnings report update:

I just wanted to highlight some key numbers which really stand out in this quarter:
1. Total revenue QoQ growth at 34.5%! (With big acquisitions, the QoQ growth gives us a better picture and this is the first complete QoQ comparison post acquisition. We know BILL’s QoQ is seasonal but 34.5% is more than double of 16.9% a year ago!! Thank you Divvy!!)


Here is the Investor Deck from last months report delineating their targeted total addressable market, business plan and financial charts:
Q2 FY22 Investor Deck…

So, give me a moment to put all this together.

Now, i see this below announcement that, IMHO, demonstrates that Bill believes the 2 recent acquisitions are important contributors to their platform so as to need a new executive position to shepherd their successes as thy contribute to enhanced security. Announces Technology Industry Veteran Rinki Sethi as Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer

“With’s rapid growth and recent acquisitions of Divvy and Invoice2go, Rinki’s distinguished career and security credentials will bring tremendous value to the company,” said Vinay Pai, SVP of Engineering of “I have known Rinki professionally for a long time, and her leadership as’s Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer will be instrumental in further enhancing’s secure and robust software platform.”…

Divvy contributes a global security component to Bill enhancing the security on their platform and offers them opportunities to increase their customer base.
i expect to see more acquisitions ( such as procurement monitoring and monetization tech) in the future as Bill continues to expand their platform with an eye on larger and more global enterprise customers.

Along with Bill’s FDIC-ensured bank-level security, firewalls, and encryption on any sensitive or personal data,
Divvy security protects clients financial information with industry-leading standards, protocols, and technology protected by:
-Industry leading account security
-Proactive fraud protection
-PCI DSS certification
-SOC2 Type 1 compliance

Here is a presentation on the Divvy acquisition by Bill saying that Divvy
Significantly Expands Addressable Market Opportunity and
Bill believes Divvy more than doubles our domestic addressable market…

With the Invoice2go acquisition (Invoice2go was founded in and has offices in Sydney, Australia) , Bill establishes a footprint to expand into international markets
and extends their platform capabilities to serve sole proprietors.

Here is a presentation on the Invoice2go acquisition…

With impressive statistics such as the preferred solution for digital payments by the American Institute of CPAs’ (AICPA) and
Over 85% of the top 100 U.S. accounting firms use,

Bill is looking forward to an expanding platform, an expanding customer and retention base, and international expansion.

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