Billionaire w/Arrested Development Losing It

This is from the know-it-all sociopathic billionaire and dangerous narcissist who said in early 2020 that COVID would die out by April 2020.

His day is coming as the Feds continue to investigate his spurious claims, especially the wonky FSD being tested in 60,000 cars by his most rabid cult followers, making all of us guinea pigs for his meandering vaporware which would kill a lot of us were it not for humans taking corrective action.

Meanwhile, he’s got to be feeling pressure from all the mounting lawsuits.

The world’s richest man is losing it on Twitter again:

Yeah, this pivot on yesterday’s bad, bad conference call showed he’s in so deep now that he has to distract with stuff not even Ron Hubbard would hint at in this moment. This is a more bogus claim and distraction than Robotaxis which will print money for you while you sleep.

That conference call (remember last quarter when he said he would not be on conference calls going forward?) yesterday is one where half of Twitter was commenting on his new name “Mumbles.” I think the old boy had a few too many pills before dissembling on mic.

Optimus humanoid robot.

It never stops.

Oh my, wasn’t watching the charts of $TSLA. Breakdowns on all three: