COVIDiot CEO Fired After Email

This is in Utah, 2022. This used colostomy bag of a CEO no longer has a job. Good. Let’s make sure he doesn’t find employment in the business world again. You can’t tell me somebody at that company didn’t know this POS was a conspiracy gripper who would feel at home on a morally banktupt Steve Bannon or Alex Jones podcast:…

“I write this email knowing that many of you will think I’m crazy after reading it. I believe there is a sadistic effort underway to euthanize the American people. It’s obvious now. It’s undeniable, yet no one is doing anything. Everyone is discounting their own judgment, and dismissing their intuition,” Bateman wrote.

In the email, Bateman attacks the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine and urged people not to get it. He also claims that criticism of the vaccine is being censored and international charges were going to be filed against Dr. Anthony Fauci.

“I believe the Jews are behind this. For 300 years the Jews have been trying to infiltrate the Catholic Church and place a Jew covertly at the top. It happened in 2013 with Pope Francis. I believe the pandemic and systematic extermination of billions of people will lead to an effort to consolidate all the countries in the world under a single flag with totalitarian rule. I know, it sounds bonkers. No one is reporting on it, but the Hasidic Jews in the US instituted a law for their people that they are not to be vaccinated for any reason,” he wrote in the email.

p.s. Remember before “American Know Nothing” was a badge of honor in 2022 when we used to celebrate smart people and “American Know How?”

How does a card carrying COVIDiot like Bateman rise to the top of a company as its CEO? Like I said above, somebody in that corporation had to know earlier than this that this cretin held these beliefs.

I will not be surprised to read in a few weeks that he doubles down on “Woke” chatter and he lands a speaking gig at “Turning Point USA” or “Reawakening America” rallies, earning a spot after Kyle Rittenhouse or Mike Flynn and before the Pillow Guy or Lin Wood. Sewer rats with the same smell.


How does a card carrying COVIDiot like Bateman rise to the top of a company as its CEO?

He probably advanced the same way anyone else advances at a company: by fitting in to the culture of the company. Was there any difference between Dick Jones and Bob Morton at OCP?



He is not the CEO, but the Chairman of the Board.

Or was Chairman of the Board. He was also a founder of the company. Frotting COVIDiot.