More COVID Fraud W/ GoFundMe Paying for Bad Acting That Fools the People Needing Vaccines Most

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I see Dr. Musk is back with his formidable truths concerning COVID 19. This time, he’s spooking the people he’s now pandering to, to not get the vax or the boosters.

What shall we award the good Doctor for his service in fighting mis-information?


I don’t know Peregrine but I believe her. That is exactly how I would expect a Saints fan to act after taking anything but alchohol.


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Trending on Twitter the past two days: #FakeTheShake.

Now that people are wise to this pathetic, deadly grift, the tables have turned on the perpetrators of false symptoms from the mRNA type vaccines.

From the OP again:

In another video, she says that her doctor thinks that her symptoms were “related to the vaccine. He said there are some metals in the vaccine that have done this to my body.” The Pfizer vaccine contains no metal. A Pfizer spokesperson says that neuromuscular disorders are not among the known side effects of its vaccine.

Neither Griner nor Desselle responded to requests for an interview; a receptionist at the clinic where Desselle works said that no one was available for comment. In their videos, and when speaking to the press, Griner and Desselle declined to disclose where the vaccine had been administered, and the names of the facility and the doctors treating Desselle, saying they wanted to protect their privacy.

VAERS data do not show any cases of adverse reaction in Louisiana in the last month whose symptoms resemble Desselle’s, nor feature reports of adverse reactions linked to the Pfizer vaccine batch she mentions in one of the videos. In January 2021, only four women in Louisiana appear to have suffered from an adverse reaction to the Covid-19 vaccines, and all of them were older than 50 – Desselle said in a video that she is 45. A spokesperson for the CDC says that the health protection agency has “no adverse event data regarding a case of this nature out of Louisiana”.

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