Birth Rate Incentives…

Italy offering incentives for more babies. paying families’ nursery school fees and childcare costs


They can get all the people they want through immigration.



State of Connecticut has begun it as well. The practice in the US is modeled off of the child benefits during Covid lockdowns. In CT it is $250/month/child up to 3 children for parents earning less than $400k and singles earning less than $200k.

The idea is that educated women are putting off having babies for economic reasons. This makes it easier for educated women to have a child…or more…

For poor women this makes it possible to better feed a child. Then educating the child is easier. This can reduce crime in CT longer term. This can reduce our prison population longer term.

It might be easy to say hey white college educated women will get an edge? African American women nationally of college age, the cohort has an enrollment rate pre covid of 51%. The largest enrollment rate of any major group in the country. The larger enrollment rates of two smaller groups I can think of are the Unitarian and the Jewish folks.

The policy of helping all women with college educations will bring a lot more leadership quality people to the workforce in CT.

The act is a very wise moral economic idea.


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They can get all the people they want through immigration.

Tru dat! Legal or otherwise.