Bounding into Q1 2024

Happy New Year!
New Thread to start 2024 off
Edit: Bought some fruit (AAPL) and closed out the DRVN stake


Same to you and thanks for the insightful posts. Because of you I watch shipping stocks. Check out KNOP…doc

KNOP - Good pair of sponsors (Knutsen & NYK). But, their business segment i.e. shuttle tankers, is stuck in somewhat of a rut currently. Due to the nature of their business, maintenance and opex is a lot higher. OTOH, with older MR2 product tankers earning $30K daily, owners of smaller, conventional tankers can easily support better margins and multiples. YMMV

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Per subject line, a slightly different perspective to start 2024. Less trepidation. At least, it has felt that way.
VEEV slashed (taxable ac)
FTCHF exit
FRO trim (Roth ac, on bounce)
QQQ nibble
More QCOM for div ac

Shipping in general moved up nicely today…doc

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Yup, early in the year - time to act on some of them - took some gains on GSL.
I wonder if LNG demand in Japan spikes again?

Trimmed COHR in taxable ac
Trimmed RA in Roth ac
Exited TMC on nice bounce (Roth ac) - early in the year, who knows
Fiddled around too much, QCOM was waiting for another nibble :wink:

Nibbled on TSLA
Nibbled on ASYS
Did get my QCOM nibble later in the day,

Thoughts overlapping on different threads - it happens
Normally, at the start of a New Year, there is at least an inkling of a list. In the worst case, I will just grab 10 - 20 names from a prior watchlist and start with those names. In 2024, somewhat different approach. Over the next week, I will assemble a list of initial names. So far, UWMC, SOFI, FRGE, DRVN.


  • Not sure the actual Oaktree Capital stance wrt their Torm AS (TRMD) position. My understanding is the company wanted to just sell a portion (abt 5M shares). Supposedly, in Dec 2023, about 2.8M shares were sold. Have Oaktree sold more? Me, different size fish - I took some of my TRMD gains.
  • Bought some, so technically MBLY didn’t have to go on the watchlist.
  • Mouse (DIS) exit

Huh? I guess I had missed this item –

I sold my Farfetch (FTCHF) shares midweek primarily because I figured that would at least let me claim the loss. Chances are they would completely worthless if I had waited a day or two. I guess, indirectly the brand survives via Coupang (CPNG)

Received a Flex LNG (FLNG) news alert - an LNG tanker (Flex Constellation) is not having its option year picked up. The vessel will be returned to Flex in Q2 2024, then has a 5-year survey, and then becomes available for charter. All-in-all decent timing, as the vessel avoids the slowest time of the year.

How will the market react to the news? Could be good news on the production side with Greater Tortue project scheduled for start-up. I assume BP has lined up LNG tankers for the first few cargoes. Will have to wait and see how things play out.

The year feels young and open to possibilities - so I traded. More than I should? Don’t know

  • Trimmed AY on the bounce
  • Bought more DSX on the sell-off
  • Trimmed NVDA on the significant bounce
  • Closed out VEEV in Roth ac
    I know I should be adding to some ideas - don’t know what names those are. Yet


  • Gimi has arrived in Senegal-Mauritania waters -its new “home” for 20 or so years.
  • Nibbled on ASYS (taxable ac)
  • Trimmed INSW in Roth ac
  • Another NKE nibble in taxable ac (Heard NKE was dropping Tiger, but NKE is about shoes, no?)
  • FRO sold its five oldest VLCCs. Being able to pay almost $300M for 5 older vessels suggests someone with decently deep pockets. OTOH, buyer is in a good position to take advantage of possible oil contango.

@physician - I think you were the one who brought QYLD to my attention. Just curious, how do you think a major bounce by NVDA impacts QYLD?

  • I am presuming the NVDA shares owned by QYLD were called
  • I am presuming QYLD got cash at the higher price
  • Or would QYLD have tactics available to move the call price higher after the bounce?

I don’t know what stocks QYLD trades options in or how they do it. Now if you are talking about NVDY, they trade options only on NVDA. I’ve read on them and they hold a large amount of liquidable assets to cover any stock that they may have to purchase. Also, they don’t buy NVDA and sell covered calls from what I have read about them. Their dividend is crazy high and the etf price is volatile. I haven’t bought any of that one…doc

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From 1-with-many zeros (Google),

Quick math suggests ~ 40% in “magnificent 7”. Looks like QYLD still has a significant NVDA position

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Hmm! Given I trimmed NVDA last week and I don’t want to chase after the price, maybe I should test NVDY? Have lots of cash available and the year still has the newness to it. Crazy yield but more reasonable entry price

These have really high dividends, but you have to watch the price action and move out when they shift to a downtrend…doc

NVDY ETF Stock Price, Quote & Overview - Stock Analysis

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@physician I hear you. The underlying stock had a great 2023 and has had a great 2024-to-date. Lots of uncertainty in the market, and then I am tinkering with an entity that is utilizing an option strategy with NVDA.